After many years building up a wealth of experience in various corners of the globe, Piotr Paradowski decided back in 2014 to open his own design studio in Krakow. The creative freedom he has thus gained has allowed him to pursue his own vision, create and hone an original style, and fulfil his own dreams while at the same time bringing to fruition those of his clients. His three great passions are interior adaptation, furniture design and graphic design, all of which have contributed to a holistic approach that enables Piotr to conjure up truly distinctive and bespoke spaces – everything from providing a fresh vision for a variety of interiors to building key branding elements for companies and institutions.

In his search for inspiration and a truly singular style Piotr likes to blend elements from his favourite periods of interior architecture – the pre-war Warsaw café style and Mid-Century Modern. He shuns the shortcuts and refrains from ready-made, cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, Piotr draws on classic, sometimes forgotten elements of design and manufacturing methods. He takes utmost care to respect the “particular” in his designs, right down to the tiniest details in his projects, thus bestowing on each a unique and very personal character.

As a designer Piotr has an impressively broad spectrum of interests, including music, the fine arts, long-distance travel, fine cuisine, architecture, and traditional handicrafts. Raised in a home with a long-standing pedigree in architecture, Piotr has maintained a creative outlook on the world ever since his youth. His education, first at the Primary School of Music and subsequently the Secondary Art School in Krakow offered him the opportunity to try his hand at a variety of disciplines as well as forge his own path and modes of self-expression.

In line with family tradition and at the urging of his teachers, Piotr enrolled in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Krakow University of Technology. His university years also marked the beginning of his fascination with travel to increasingly far-flung places. He spent six months in India, where he worked as a volunteer in a Tibet Heritage Foundation, where he had the chance to prepare plans, familiarise himself with the details and style of local architecture, as well as learn the intricacies of traditional carpentry.

This valuable “apprenticeship” was then followed by a two-year sojourn in Hong Kong, where he worked on projects in collaboration with architectural and multidisciplinary design offices, including General Store, Lunan International, and LEAD (Laboratory for Explorative Architecture and Design), which gave him the chance to co-design the interiors of Ralph Lauren boutique shops scattered across South-East Asia.

After Asia came Paris, where he became an assistant to Philippe Greffier, designing mansions in upmarket and exclusive locations all over France: Place Vendome in Paris, Saint Tropez, Bretagne, and the French Alps.

Finally, in 2014, he returned to Krakow to open his own studio, where he continues to set himself new challenges and take on projects of varying scale – everything from petite boutiques to restaurants throughout Poland.

Born: Kraków-Poland on June 25, 1988

Public Comprehensive School Of Fine Art in Cracow
Faculty of Architecture in English at Cracow University of Technology Accredited by RIBA 

Training: 2012 - 2013: Axel Cordemans, Hong-Kong
2012 - 2014: General Store, Hong-Kong
2014 - 2014: Philippe Greffier, Paris-France
2014 - present:, Kraków-Poland
Team 2014-Present: Joanna Ryś, Tomasz Litwin, Justyna Borowy, Dominika Strzałka, Agata Motyka, Dawid Stępień, Jarosław Kaszczak, Justyna Łos, Anna Wojtczak, Alicja Nowak